Focused guidance through difficult times. 


Solution oriented Advocate

Navigating through family conflict is one of the most difficult challenges we face.  Finding lasting solutions that take multiple perspectives into account is key to ending continued cycles of conflict.  Often children are the focus of family disputes and attorney Martin takes great care to ensure their best interests are protected. 


Client-Centered Approach

Attorney Martin works personally with each client to deeply understand their present situation and future goals.  Listening is fundamental to that process, whether it is a high conflict divorce or custody matter, or a simpler modification process.  Through full understanding, attorney Martin is able to assess the situation and create a customized client-centered approach. 


confidence to take the next step

Fear and trepidation are common blocks in both beginning and reaching resolution in a family matter.  Attorney Martin works with each client to dispel myths and impart knowledge about the legal process to aid the client in moving forward with confidence.