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Why becoming empty nesters can lead to divorce

Many parents dread becoming empty-nesters because they don’t want their children to leave home. They love the life and chaos that children bring, and they know they’ll miss it. On the other hand, there are those who look forward to becoming empty-nesters. They see it as a time to refocus on themselves without putting so much time and energy into parenting.

No matter how you view it, when that last child moves out of the house, it’s important to know that this transition can sometimes lead couples to divorce. Why does this happen?

The relationship has changed

What has often happened is that the relationship between married individuals has simply changed over time. Maybe they have slowly drifted apart. Maybe the marriage has lost its spark and they no longer feel close to one another. Perhaps they’ve even started treating each other more like roommates, working together to do things like pay the rent or take care of the home, but not feeling any connection beyond that.

In a lot of cases, the issue is that parents shift their focus when children are born. Instead of focusing on their own relationship, they put all of their time and energy into being good parents. They may even work together seamlessly to do this. It’s not as if there has to be a conflict between the two of them or any reason for them to disagree. They are still good partners during this stage of their life.

However, when there are no longer children in the house, that’s when the change becomes apparent. They realize that they are more focused on parenting and that their actual relationship has been altered. They find it impossible to go back to being the couple that they were before their children were born. They may even have different ideas about what they want at this new stage in life, and their plans for the future may no longer align.

Working through a divorce

Have you found yourself in this position after becoming an empty nester? It can be complicated to go through the divorce process, even though you don’t have to worry about child custody any longer. Be sure you know about all of your legal options by seeking legal guidance early. That way, you can make informed decisions as you move forward.