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Dividing Marital Property That Includes A Business

If your marriage includes a business, it can make your divorce not necessarily more difficult, but more complex. Short of multiple properties or large trust funds, a business is often the marital asset with the most value. This can present challenges.

I am divorce attorney Donna Martin. As a seasoned Massachusetts divorce attorney, with decades of experience in divorce, I am very familiar with this process. I can help you understand how the process will go and what is likely to happen. As the owner of North Shore Family Law, I offer focused attention to you and to your case. You will always have my undivided attention and be able to readily communicate with me. Call me at 781-528-0038 for a free consultation.

Issues That A Business Divorce Can Involve

It can happen that both spouses agree on the value of a business and can work together to divide it. In other cases, the business’s value is obfuscated by expenses, reinvestment, property, equipment and economic fluctuations.

While it is illegal, there are cases of one spouse intentionally hiding, concealing or not being forthcoming about all business assets. Profits may be disputed as reinvestment that is sometimes required to keep a business running.

Utilizing Specialists And Experts When Warranted

To ensure that a business is accurately valuated, it may be necessary to utilize forensic accountants, business and valuation experts. A business’s assets including inventory, stock, real estate, equipment, loans and appreciation or depreciation must be accurately calculated for a business to be divided equitably.

Whether you and your spouse wish to negotiate and mediate the process or pursue litigation, I can help. My mission is to achieve the best outcome for you in the most effective manner possible. As an experienced family law attorney, I can also advise on child custody, support and alimony issues.

Have A Discussion About Dividing Your Business

Dividing a business in a divorce requires specific knowledge of both business valuation and the divorce process. Let’s discuss your circumstances to determine what comes next. Call and speak with me at 781-528-0038. I can also be reached via this contact form. I help clients throughout the Marblehead area and surrounding communities.