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Guiding People Through Divorce

Ending a marriage is a difficult choice to make. Even when a partnership stopped working long ago, divorce is never an easy process. To get through it, people need a compassionate, knowledgeable guide.

I am Donna L. Martin, a family law attorney in Marblehead. I have over two decades of legal experience helping Massachusetts residents make fresh starts. My dedication to divorce cases has given me a unique understanding of the state’s requirements.

The Divorce Process In Massachusetts

Getting a divorce in Massachusetts can be confusing. For one, the state gives its residents two options for divorce — contested and uncontested — and each has a different set of procedures to follow. Furthermore, Massachusetts has a residence requirement of one year prior to any divorce action. To simplify the process, I work closely with my clients to make sure they choose the right type of divorce, follow the state’s rules and meet its requirements.

Each divorce also contains many moving parts. I am prepared to resolve any issues that arise during the process including those related to property division, child custody and support.

Alternatives To Litigation

Divorce doesn’t have to devolve into a courtroom brawl. While litigation may be necessary for complex or difficult divorces, it is possible to part ways amicably. I am an advocate for mediating divorce cases when circumstances allow, and I have strong relationships with several local mediators. I favor this approach because it is often cost-effective and low-stress, and it gives clients the freedom to craft a satisfactory agreement tailored to their needs.

A Free Consultation Can Help People Weigh Their Options

By scheduling a free consultation with me, individuals can learn more about what their unique case requires. Call 781-528-0038 or fill out my online contact form to book an appointment.