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A Complex Process Simplified

Most couples acquire numerous assets together over the course of their marriage. When they decide to get divorced, they must dedicate time and energy to dividing these assets. This process can get confusing, and differing approaches can lead to conflict.

I am Donna L. Martin, and as a family law attorney, I understand the pain this confusion can cause. With over 20 years of legal experience, I have a keen understanding of how property division works. I am ready to help clients simplify the process.

The Basics Of Property Division

Both Massachusetts and Maine follow the equitable distribution method of property division. This method does not guarantee that each spouse will receive an equal share of marital property. Rather, it calls for its division in a manner that is fair based on their individual circumstances. Relevant factors may include the length of the marriage, the reason for its breakdown and the personal and financial health of each spouse. When couples have children, their custody arrangement could also affect the share of marital property they receive.

Couples are often confused by what counts as marital property. These assets generally qualify, and could be split during divorce proceedings:

  • Art, antiques and collectibles
  • Bank accounts
  • Debt
  • Investment accounts
  • Real estate
  • Retirement accounts
  • Vehicles

Learning this essential knowledge can make property division more straightforward than it would otherwise be. But individuals still need a strong plan to receive the property to which they are entitled to. I work with each client to devise a strategy that helps them secure an equitable share of their marital estate.

A Free Consultation Can Clarify Property Division Issues

Property division issues can cause stress in even the most amicable divorces. I offer free consultations at my Marblehead office to help clients understand their options. To schedule one, fill out my online contact form or call 781-528-0038.